The loss of physical land, thought of as home or one's place of being, can also erase one's heritage.

Pervading the Edge

As new settlements continue to build up and down expanding their z-axis in place, eventually maximum densities will be reached. How does the inevitable expansion of settlement foster dry and wet zones, and eventually create wet urban and city-scale settlements?

Suspended Existence

The redefinition of territory from a division between terra firma and aqua firma to a dynamic aqua firma repositions questions of resource extraction, distribution, and allocation. How does a renewed connection to site conditions and ecologies shift the inhabitant's expectations for a city constructed within littoral zones?

Inhabitable Wave Farm

A network of energy generating point absorbers hosts an evolving collection of programs, including fishing stands, surf launches, and residences. A system of brackets and slides allows for structures to span the point absorbers as they rise, fall, and sway with the waves.

Submerged Being

As the rising sea engulfs low-lying island nations, the once-inhabitable ground slowly submerges, out of sight, but remains rich with cultural memory. While the civilization that once walked its shores becomes placeless, the land itself becomes a new place, eroded and consumed by the water's relentless currents and invaded by new marine inhabitants.

Remapping Territory without Place

Amphibious spaces must be cultivated in the present and planned for the future through practices of coexistence with aquatic environments rather than control of them.